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Half Price Imports Return To Base Warranty Policy


If you have concerns regarding any product purchased from us please email [email protected] with clear images and a clear description of your concern.


Our team will assess your photos and description to identify any instant solutions or whether the item needs to be returned for further investigation.   For any mechanical item Half Price Imports charges a flat rate of $100 for the Return to Base Warranty Assessment, upon diagnoses if the issue is deemed to a warranty issue HPI will refund the diagnoses fee in full to your nominated account, if the issue is not a manufacturing error this fee will not be refunded.  For most issues these can easily be resolved upon email with a clear description of the issue and relevant photos, and phone calls if need be prior to having the item returned for further evaluation.


If your product requires inspection please allow up to 5 working days for our team to arrange the relevant people/resources to conduct their inspections. In some cases this may require a response from a manufacturer or external resource.

Half Price Imports will provide a response or resolution within 10 working days on goods arriving to 25 Heathcote Street Woolston.

Half Price Imports are not responsible for retrieving goods, if you are unable to return the item, we can arrange cartage for you, this would be at your own cost, for any outcome that relates to user error and/or not a manufacturing fault, Half Price Imports reserves the right to charge for any time/labour  costs incurred, goods will not be released back to the customer until any outstanding payments have been cleared.

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