Half Price Imports- 25 Heathcote St Woolston


Gorilla Automotive was established in 2015 after gaining access to some of the world's largest factories over the past decade importing products from around the world. In a changing industry we are seeing some of the world's biggest manufacturing companies being taken off shore to increase profit margins. Therefore we now have the world's most well known brands being produced in factories we have worked with for years! Not only do these factories produce the worlds most trusted brands they also produce these same fantastic products minus the branding. We saw this as an opportunity that couldn't be missed and Gorilla Automotive was born. Gorilla Automotive and our customers simply love our products, their price tags and the piece of mind warranties that come with our products. With hundreds of trailers and multiple Loaders being actively used around New Zealand we are a growing company with an unbeatable reputation and warranty programme. See our products or test drive them for yourself at 25 Heathcote Street Woolston.